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Muscle Activation?

>>> 1-2-3

The “Be Activated” Muscle Activation method is a cutting edge, injury rehabilitation and sports performance treatment that returns your body back to it’s natural physiology.

Be Activated is a cutting edge, injury rehabilitation and sports performance treatment that returns your body back to it’s natural physiology, resulting in immediate, measurable, and positive results that restore strength, power, flexibility, relaxation, and brings balance to both the body and mind.

When the body moves optimally and in the way it was designed to move, it expands through movement. In Muscle Activation, this is called moving in a 1-2-3 sequence. When the body is not moving optimally, it begins to implode and drive in on itself. This results in dysfunction, injury and pain.

Muscle Activation re-establishes your 1-2-3 pattern, restoring strength, power, speed, flexibility, balance, rotation and coordination resulting in a relaxed state of excellent performance.

During a Muscle Activation treatment the dysfunctional movement pattern you are currently in will be identified and you will begin to understand the symptoms you are stuggling with.


  • Improve posture & stability
  • Enhance performance
  • Increase muscle strength & flexibility
  • Improve diaphragmatic breathing
  • Manage stressMuscle Activation addresses the cause of injury and therefore can often provide a long term solution.

    Muscle Activation can be used on anyone from the elite athlete to the average office worker, as well as children.

Activate your life


Immediate and measurable results.


Increased strength, power, flexibility, speed, balance, and co-ordination.


Understand why specific injuries have happened.


Turn on inactive muscles.

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Client Testimonials

A friend referred me to RunEtics and I was very skeptical as I had aleady tried so many things to help my lower back pain.

After my first muscle activation session with Ray, I instantly felt a huge improvement and knew I was in the right place. Within 3 session my back pain had completely gone!!

It is such a pleasure to be able to exercise, walk, sleep, run, “live” without constant pain. I think everyone would benefit from muscle activation, not only for injury but to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle.


Kate Jacobs.

I’m still not sure what you did to me lol 😂 but something has changed when 4:30p/km feels easy. 👍

Jack Dickens.

Unbelievable!! I learned more from Ray in the first 10 minutes of my appointment than I learned in a 4 years of massage. He is incredibly knowledgeable and after just one session, I have confidence that I will be running again, pain free, soon. Thank you so much Ray!! 1 hour appointment that changed my life…

Ashleigh Cassidy.

After a major road accident in 2007 I had to learn to walk again and now Ray is helping to improve my walk,I have made so much progress in such a short time! Would recommend this treatment journey to anyone! Thanks Ray!

Rosie Dadley.

I went for my first Muscle Activation with Ray and was amazed at the immediate response he was able to get out of my body. If this is the response from one treatment, a few more and the core will be back to full strength in no time.
Thanks Ray.

Gavin Cope.

Ray is an incredibly knowledgeable practitioner. He activated my glutes in a matter of minutes – something I’ve been aware of actively working on for over a year.

He was very patient, and explained the reasoning behind the exercises he’s given me to work on.

Richa Sethi.

Struggled with pain in my legs for three months. Ray helped me to reduce the pain and walk. Thank you so much

Jeanette Oberholzer.

My session with Ray was great! He’s genuine, knowledgeable and I can now see a pathway to getting my body back into balance.

Erin Dunn.

Thorough, wholistic, educational and very effective.

Gail Walker.

Not only does Ray understand the muscles and mechanics of the body in general, he is a runner and understands the specific requirements of a runner. Have already referred my 1st friend and there will be more to come..

Luke Dunn.

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